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Robert Zirgulis
for Culver City Council


Vote me into the city council and do your part in shielding fellow Americans, young and old, from the violent acts and racist ideals of the cancel culture mob.

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Robert Zirgulis for Culver City Council 

My name is Robert Zirgulis, but when I'm teaching at the Culver City Schools the kids call me Mr. Z!

I'd like to tell you a little bit about myself and my family history so you can understand why I'm running for City Council.

My parents were both refugees from Lithuania during the holocaust of World War II.

Our family settled in Chicago where my mother had to start all over to become a doctor, while my father became the National Lithuanian Chairman of the Democratic Party. I remember campaigning for Kennedy when I was 8 years old.

I got a lot of my core values from living in the Midwest. It's a place where people worked hard and you often made business agreements with a handshake instead of using a lawyer.

We came to California in 1965 where I adopted to the California spirit of freedom and creativity. I often say that I have a combination of the Midwest work ethic along with the creativity and open-mindedness of a Californian.

I went to Samohi and organized the first ecology club in the school's history in 1969. After graduating from high school, I took to the road setting up environmental information tables in every major city from here to Canada. I even lobbied at the state capitol for environmental issues.

I went to UCLA and graduated with a BA in Public Service in 1974. I served as an intern for Assemblywoman March Fong's environmental committee and interned in Washington D.C. for the Metropolitan Washington Coalition for Clean Air. I investigated the EPA and air pollution in the inner city.

After graduating college, I backpacked around the world experiencing the diversity of peoples and cultures of the world. It was one of the best educational experiences of my life.

I continued my education after my trip around the world by attending Business Graduate school at CSUN during the night, while starting a business and working as a teamster for the airlines during the day.

I moved to Culver City in 1984 and all my three boys attended Culver City Schools. I watched my twin boys play on the lacrosse team and my eldest son was a substitute teacher.

Over the years, I have done volunteer work for International Human Rights Watch groups and have traveled extensively in addition to two more trips around the world. I am a first amendment advocate and have demonstrated in front of Sony Studios.

No to Defunding the Police

Instead of thanking our police, a vocal group of racist radical cop haters is calling for the defunding of our police force by 50% and stopping police operations meant to protect children in our schools!

Common Sense Must Prevail

I am the common-sense candidate standing up to the cancel culture mob trying to extort and intimidate anyone trying to defend our police and our city.

Your Support Matters 

I can only make a difference if I have your support in this undertaking. Therefore, I appeal to fellow Americans sharing the same common sense and decency to help me make it to the city council.

I know we can make this happen if we band together. Support my campaign by donating some of your resources and time. Contact us if you wish to do volunteer work.

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