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Robert Zirgulis
for Culver City Council

It’s All About
Common Sense

Vote me into the city council and do your part in shielding fellow Americans, young and old, from the violent acts and racist ideals of the cancel culture mob.

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You and I Against the
Cancel Culture Mob 

I am a 36-year resident of Culver City, California, and have taught for 13 years in our school district. The police in our schools has been a major deterrent against mass shootings that have occurred elsewhere. Unfortunately, the cancel culture mob wants to get rid of them!

I am a UCLA graduate with a Masters in Business, CSUN. I know how to deal with the major problems affecting our city. Please vote for Robert Zirgulis for Culver City Council if you want a fighter with common sense to protect our children, our first responders, and our city.

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